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Pope Emeritus Benedict XV Dies


PELITA DAILY — The death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in the Vatican, Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz lauded the late Benedict as a ‘special leader of the church’ who helped shape the worldwide Catholic Church.

Condolences poured in from world leaders for the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI at the Vatican.

President France Emmanuel Macron lauded the performance of the late Benedict, who he called fighting for the realization of a ‘world full of brotherhood’.

As reported by AFP, Saturday (31/12/2022), Benedict, whose birth name is Joseph Razinger, was elected Pope since 2005, replacing John Paul II.

He became the first pope from Germany for the modern era. In 2013, Benedict surprisingly announced his retirement as head of the world Catholic Church.

“As Pope of Germany, Benedict XVI is a special church leader for many people, not only for this country,” Scholz said in a statement via Twitter.

“The world has lost a formative figure in the Catholic Church, someone with an argumentative personality and a brilliant theologian,” Scholz praised the late Benedict.

Macron, in a statement via his official Twitter account, also expressed his condolences for Benedict’s death and praised him.

“My thoughts are with the Catholics in France and around the world, who mourn the loss of His Holiness Benedict XVI, who fought with his soul and intelligence for a more fraternal world,” Macron said in a statement. ●Red/Esa

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