2023-06-26 22:53

Kapolda Metro Jaya Leads Promotion Ceremony for 1,867 Personnel


PELITA DAILY — Thousands of Polda Metro Jaya personnel received promotions to a higher level in early 2023. In total, 1,867 personnel received promotions.

“Polda Metro Jaya personnel who have been promoted to the rank of 1,867 personnel with details of officers as many as 693 personnel and non-commissioned officers / enlisted personnel as many as 1,174 personnel,” said Head of Public Relations Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Endra Zulpan told reporters, Monday (2/1/2023).

The promotion ceremony was held at the Metro Jaya Meeting Hall building and was attended by all key officials from Polda Metro Jaya.

Kapolda Metro Jaya Inspector General Fadil Imran directly led the promotion ceremony.

“This is a form of appreciation from the police institution to personnel who are considered capable and have fulfilled the requirements to carry out a higher rank from the rank of Pamen to the rank of Tamtama,” said Zulpan.

Zulpan said that in the directives that had been conveyed by the Kapolda Metro, the personnel who received promotions today were expected to be able to carry out their duties in a better and more humane manner.

The personnel were asked to behave more professionally and become servants in the community.

“With the promotion to a higher level, it is hoped that Polda Metro Jaya personnel can become a Police who are precise and able to carry out their main duties to continue to protect, continue to protect and continue to serve the community in a more humane and professional manner while still guided by Tribrata and Catur Prasetya,” said Zulpan.

Following are the Details of Polda Metro Jaya Personnel Who Received Promotions: Commissioned Officer 1. AKBP 42 personnel 2. Kompol 95 personnel 3. AKP 178 personnel 4. Iptu 298 personnel 5. Ipda 80 personnel NCO/Tamtama 6. Aiptu 105 personnel 7. Aipda 415 personnel 8. Bripka 229 personnel 9. Brigadier 337 personnel 10. First Brigadier 87 personnel 11. Bharaka 1 person. ●Red/IA

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