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Visit Churches Around the City of Bogor President Wish You a Merry Christmas


PELITA DAILY — Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi0) visited a number of churches in Bogor City, Sunday (25/12/2022).

The presence of Heads of State in a number of churches to directly observe the celebration of Christmas Day and wish Christians a Merry Christmas who are worshiping.

The first church visited by the President was the Protestant Church in Western Indonesia (GPIB) Zebaoth Congregation in Bogor, West Java.

The President accompanied by Mayor of Bogor Bima Arya arrived at around 09.10 WIB, and immediately greeted the Christians in the church.

“I see how very happy, how very happy you are to welcome Christmas this year,” said the President. The President also hopes that all Christians can celebrate Christmas peacefully and happily.

“And also we all continue to build brotherhood, strengthen brotherhood, strengthen harmony between us,” said the President. After observing the Christmas celebrations and greeting Christians at the church, the President then continued his journey to Bogor Cathedral Church.

There, the President again greeted and conveyed a message to Christians who were worshiping at the church. ●Editor/Dw/Alia

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