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Book Launch: Azyumardi Azra, The Humble Organic Intellectual


PELITA DAILY — The Indonesian Writers’ Association Satupena towards the end of 2022 is releasing a collection of writings about Prof. Dr. Azyumardi Azra CBE

The book is entitled: Azyumardi Azra, The Humble Organic Intellectual. This book was edited by Swary Utami Dewi who is also Deputy Secretary General of Satupena.

Azyumardi Azra, the son of Minang, died on September 18, 2022 in Malaysia. He is known to be sociable and close to many people from various walks of life.

Azyumardi Azra has many friends. This global figure is known through his writings, interviews and concrete actions in various dimensions such as education, journalism and Islam.

His departure was felt suddenly and so quickly, of course it caused deep sorrow. So, when Azyumardi Azra passed away, various short writings as expressions of loss, sympathy and prayers appeared in the media. “In memoriam” for him scattered.

Satupena, which is one of the active communities of the deceased — Azyumardi is a member of the Satupena Advisory Board — took the initiative to collect writings from 31 writer friends in Satupena. All special and the only intended for him.

In alphabetical order, the 31 authors are:

Abustan, Akaha Taufan Aminudin, Akmal Nasery Basral, Amidhan Shaberah, Asvi Warman Adam, Binoto Nadapdap, Chappy Hakim, Denny JA, Dicky Sofjan, Didin S. Damanhuri, Edrida Pulungan, Fakhrunnas MA Jabbar, Gunoto Saparie, Hery Sucipto, Husnu Abadi, I Nengah Suardhana, Ilham Bintang, Ismail Fajrie Alatas, Jachynta M. Nasution, Jaya Suprana, Muh. Subarkah, Nasir Tamara, Nia Samsihono, Rita Orbaningrum, Saibansah Dardani, Satrio Arismunandar, Shafwan Hadi Umry, Swary Utami Dewi, Syaefudin Simon, Wahjudi Djaja, Wina Armada Sukardi.

This book, which is more than 150 pages thick, has started circulating in PDF format. The digitalization era has made this version easy to spread and all can be accessed FREE by the public who need references and inspiration from figures as big as Azyumardi Azra.

For information, this meaningful digital book is also in the process of obtaining an ISBN. The long processing time has made the Satupena community continue to issue this PDF book at the end of the year as a gift for all of us. ●Red/Admin Alia

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