2024-05-06 13:02

AFF Cup: The Indonesian National Team Failed to Lose to the Vietnam National Team 0-2


PELITA DAILY — The away match between the Indonesian national team against the host Vietnam national team failed to reach the semifinals due to a heavy defeat 0-2 in the second leg from the Vietnam National Team, Monday (9/1/2023) evening WIB at My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi.

Nguyen Tien Linh’s quick goal in the 3rd minute made the Garuda Squad players gape, especially Nguyen Tien Linh’s second goal in the 47th minute, the Indonesian players immediately broke down.

At the start of the first half the Vietnamese players immediately kicked the Indonesian defense so that a goal was created in the third minute by Nguyen Tien Linh.

The result of Do Hung Dung’s gastric bait was immediately struck by Nguyen Tien Linh, making Indonesian goalkeeper Nadeo unable to move when he saw the ball tear into the net. Score 0-1.

Seeing that the goal was created quickly, the Indonesian players tried to play fast but Vietnam’s defense was difficult to penetrate.

Until the referee blew the whistle, the Indonesian national team was powerless. Lost 0-2 to Vietnam. In the end, Marc Klok and friends had to bite their fingers, not fulfilling their hopes of entering the final. ‚óŹRed/Akyoon

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