2024-05-06 14:27

Legendary Footballer Pele Has Disappeared


PELITA DAILY — The legendary footballer Pele has died at the age of 82 after a long battle with cancer The name Pele in the world of football is a world football icon, so his name became famous in his era.

The Brazilian player is now dead. Pele died Friday (30/12/2022) early morning WIB at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Pele, who has won three World Cup titles, died at the age of 82 after battling complications from colon cancer. His name is still etched in world football.

Pele left a huge legacy, including iconic and memorable moments. Including when he stopped the civil war in Nigeria for a moment in 1969 ago.

That January 1969, Pele and the Santos squad toured Lagos, which was being engulfed in civil war.

At that time the Nigeria-Biafra war had been raging for two years. But the two warring sides agreed to a 48-hour truce, in favor of a football match. ‚óŹRed/Ri

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